SLAC confirmed "global law experts" in 2018 for international arbitration in Italy

The firm will be once again listed as the reference firm in Italy for international arbitration in the "Global Law Experts" directory. The home page of the directory can be visited to learn more. Our profile is also available by clicking here.


High Profile Conference on Competition Among Professionals and the Role of Notaries

Giorgio Schiano di Pepe was a speaker on "unfair competition among professionals" at a high profile conference on competition among professionals and the role of Notaries held in Genoa on 21 October 2017. The event was organized under the auspices of the Fondazione Italiana del Notariato with the support of the Genoa Notarial Council and the University of Genoa.


Losses in share purchase agreements worldwide

The latest issue of the Corporate & Commercial Newsletter edited by Cicero – League of International Lawyers (available here) deals with the question of the definition of "loss" in case of a warranty breach in the context of share purchase agreements. Answers from the perspectives of 15 different jurisdictions are included, thus providing a reasonable overview to counsels working in cross border transactions.


Third edition of EULoS summer school held in Genoa

Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe was the co-ordinator of the third edition of the EULoS (European Union and the Law of the Sea) summer school & Jean Monnet module held from 28 August – 8 September in Genoa.

The summer school, in co-operation with ISRIM (Institute for the Law of the Sea and International Marine Environmental Law), based in Bremen (Germany), attracted 19 participants from 11 countries and 4 continents around the world and included a half-day workshop on "The external aspects of blue growth" and a field trip and guided visit of the Italian Navy's Institute of Hidrography.


SLAC, through Cicero, reaches out to cover key jurisdictions in America, Africa, Asia

With recent membership additions including Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Sudan, Cicero League of International Lawyers has in the last few months reached out to a number of key jurisdictions outside Europe.

As a consequence, Cicero League of International Lawyers now covers more than 40 different countries throughout the globe. More information can be found here.

As proud members of the network, we will be happy to address any specific query that you may have concerning the possibility to getting in touch with one of the participating firms.

JULY 2017

New SLAC brochure highlights traditional and innovative areas of expertise of the firm

A new SLAC brochure in English is now available for download. Besides providing essential information on the firm's background and contact details, it highlights traditional and innovative areas of expertise of the firm, which notably span from general civil and commercial (including corporate) law, to insurance law, e-commerce, consumer law, European Union law and public international law.

The brochure also contains details of the various professional legal networks to which the firm belongs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any specific query that you may have.

JUNE 2017

Launch of a brand new SLAC website

SLAC launched its brand new website in June 2017, fully bilingual in Italian and English, featuring sections dealing with its professionals and fields of practice and the networks across Italy and around the world towards the firm belongs.

Regular updates will be posted on a monthly basis, informing clients and other interested parties of any relevant development.

MAY 2017

The biannual meeting of Cicero

The biannual meeting of Cicero – League of International Lawyers, to which SLAC is the only Italian member, was held in Zagreb on 12-14 May 2017.

The meeting, hosted by our local partners Matic, Soos Maceljski, Mandic, Stanic & Partners Ltd., was attended by Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe in representation of the firm and marked the entry into the network of new members from Cyprus, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.

APRIL 2017

PIL Advisory Group

Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe recently joined the Public International Law (PIL) Advisory Group in his capacity as a leading expert in public international law, with particular regard to the law of the sea and international environmental law, but also in EU law and conflicts of laws and jurisdictions.

The PIL Advisory Group is an independent team of outstanding academics and practitioners, providing assistance, policy advice and capacity-building to governments and businesses on virtually all aspects of public international law.

MARCH 2017

Cicero Corporate & Commercial Newsletter

The Spring 2017 Cicero Corporate & Commercial Newsletter is out! It constitutes a good way to learn about legal news relevant to the numerous jurisdiction in which Cicero – League of International Lawyers is present.

This issue contains reports from 16 different participating countries with topics ranging from digital piracy to immigration law to Brexit to EU State aid.


The Arbitral Panel for the Settlement of Financial Disputes

The Arbitral Panel for the Settlement of Financial Disputes (Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie), of which Giorgio Afferni is a full member, enters into operation in February 2017.

It aims at resolving disputes between retail investors and intermediaries in connection with the alleged violation of the duties of diligence, fairness, information and transparency which are imposed on intermediaries offering investment services.

January 2017

Global Law Experts

Also for 2017, SLAC will be listed by Global Law Experts as the Italian firm of reference for international arbitration.