Fields of practice

The areas of the law that are normally practiced by the firm encompass general civil law and related fields, with a particular focus on commercial and corporate law.

Those who choose the firm as their legal advisor can rely upon a group of lawyers who are able to assist their clients in a wide range of judicial and non-judicial matters, from the drafting of a contract up to the litigation of a case either before a court or within the framework of a mediation or arbitration procedure.

Civil and Contract Law (including E-Commerce and Consumer Law)

Within the civil law sector, the firm provides assistance with the drafting of contracts and through its members, may serve both as a traditional counsel and as an arbitrator in controversies relating to interpretation of contractual terms or arising out of the performance of one of the parties. With regard to civil liability, the firm has substantial experience in a wide range of particular sectors (medical, transportation, etc.).

Commercial Law and Corporate Law

In the areas of commercial and corporate law, the lawyers at the firm are able to offer their expertise to managers, directors and shareholders for problems related, inter alia, to balance sheets, conflicts between the internal bodies of a company and group and corporate restructuring.

Insurance and Reinsurance Law

The firms's experience acquired in the insurance and reinsurance business field is strong and long-established. In fact, the firm is proud to have among its clients some of the major insurance and reinsurance companies, including foreign ones, for which, besides handling a number of court and arbitral proceedings, advice is provided regarding any kind of insurance business-related problem from the drafting of contractual terms and conditions to the handling of the relationship with competent national authorities (namely, IVASS) whenever necessary.

Industrial & Intellectual Property Law

Among the areas of specialization of the firm are the protection of industrial property rights (including trademarks and patents) in terms of contract drafting and litigation. Members of the firm often work in co-operation with IP advisors, in Italy and abroad, to find the legal and technical solutions that are most suitable for a particular client.

Competition Law

The firm has significant experience in a wide range of matters connected to antitrust and competition law. Assistance is provided, among other things, in connection with litigation arising out of the enforcement of national and European antitrust regulation and unfair competition legislation. Assistance is also given in the context of procedures before national or European antitrust authorities.

Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency Procedures

The firm prides itself of its long-established experience in all aspects of corporate crisis. As a matter of fact, its lawyers provide judicial and non-judicial advice to the management of companies in financial difficulty and assist their clients in bankruptcy procedures. It is worth mentioning that the receivers of several insolvency procedures have very often relied upon the firm to assist them.

Labour Law

In the labour law area, the firm provides advice, judicially as well as non-judicially, especially to employers. A particular expertise has been developed in the field of agency relationships.

Oil & Gas Law

The oil & gas sector, and in particular the drafting of contracts related thereto, constitutes another area of specific expertise of the lawyers of the firm, thanks to professional experience developed throughout a number of years in which the firm has assisted and advised some of the major oil companies, both Italian and international.

International Contracts and Disputes

The firm has developed and expanded its specialization in the field of transaction and controversies characterized by international dealings. Thus, its lawyers are able to assist Italian and foreign clients in the drafting of contracts that take into account such international aspects as well as in the litigation of cases before either an Italian court or a national (or international) arbitral tribunal.

Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance practice includes providing legal advice to banks, financial institutions and other businesses in general with respect to financing agreements, syndicated loans, guarantee agreements and other financing transactions. We are also involved in drafting and negotiating documentation with respect to a wide variety of banking and financial transactions, such as loan agreements, security packages, letters of credit and securitisation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm has been involved in various M&A domestic transactions and has assisted international clients in international acquisitions in Italy.

European Union Law

The firm regularly addresses issues concerning the impact of European Union law on private-to-private relationships as well as on relationships between citizens and public authorities, advising individuals and businesses in contentious and non-contentious matters, also through the institutions of judicial and administrative proceedings before or against institutions, organs and bodies of the European Union.

Public International Law

In this niche area of growing importance, members of the firm have assisted foreign government authorities as well as companies and individuals in matters such as, for example, citizenship and the alignment of domestic legislation with a particular State’s international obligations in the areas of the law of the sea, maritime transport law and environmental law. In this connection, Prof. Avv. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe is involved among other things in the “Public International Law Advisory Group” initiative.

Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

The firm has been engaged in litigation and arbitration since its foundation. We offer our clients all kind of services in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution in the macro area of civil and commercial law. We have developed a specific expertise in domestic and international arbitration and various member of the firm regularly act as arbitrators. In this respect, we are listed by Global Law Experts as the Italian firm of reference for international arbitration. The firm assists its clients through the Italian and European Union court systems and in mediation procedures.