Library resources

The firm's library boasts a wide and complete range of resources made up of 3,000 books in addition to over ninety legal reviews, many of which represent current subscriptions.

The library is composed of a rich collection of volumes and a set of specialized magazines.

The first collection includes monographs, treatises, manuals and works of all kinds, divided into twenty-two sections according to their subject matter.

Corporate law, civil law and bankruptcy law are the strongest and most valuable sections of the library, but there is no doubt that careful attention is paid to the maintenance of other sections such as civil procedure, general commercial law, corporate law, insurance law and labour law.

The firm is also proud of its collection of periodical publications and legal journals, which may be defined "historical", given that some collections dates back to the very first years of the twentieth century (for instance, "Foro Italiano" dates back to 1900 and the first volume of the "Rivista del Diritto Commerciale" series dates back to 1903) but it is at the same time contemporary as it is updated and adapted on the basis of new legal issues and recent developments in various fields of the law.

It is important to point out that the journals cover a great variety of sections, from the most generic disciplines to the most specialized legal fields.